Rapid Path to Treatment

Weight Loss Packages

Self Pay Surgical Packages

Providing access to weight loss surgery without the wait.

Our rapid path to treatment program provides surgical management for the following conditions

Gastric Bypass

  • One single surgery fee
  • The total price advertised is for the surgery, anaesthetics, and hospital fees associated with this procedure.
    Additional fees will be payable to your specialist for consultation and follow-up appointments.

  • Reduced waiting times for
    consultation & surgery
  • Does not include an after surgery
    weight loss support package

Gastric Sleeve

  • One single surgery fee
  • The total price advertised is for the surgery, anaesthetics, and hospital fees associated with this procedure.
    Additional fees will be payable to your specialist for consultation and follow-up appointments.

  • Reduced waiting times for
    consultation & surgery
  • Does not include an after surgery
    weight loss support package
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Frequently Asked Questions

These packages are an alternative way of accessing surgical treatment through a private hospital by paying in full for the surgery needed. 

If you are not in a private health fund and wish to have your surgery performed in a private hospital or do not want to wait a long time to have your treatment performed in the public hospital setting, this pathway may be a suitable option for you.

These total packages with one bill create transparency of costs and allow you to decide whether you can afford to pay for your treatment. We aim to make high-quality hospital care accessible to the broader community.

The Rapid Path to Treatment packages are a fixed cost, and the price will include the following:


Specialist Surgery Fee


Hospital Surgery Fee (and hospital overnight stay for appropriate procedures)


Anaesthetist Surgery Fee


Assistant Surgery Fee (not applicable for ophthalmology or ENT)


Pre-admission clinic consultation with general physicians if clinically necessary


Medications provided for use during your hospital admission


Prosthesis and disposable equipment used in surgery


In-hospital Overnight Stay if deemed clinically necessary for your procedure


In-hospital physiotherapy for joint replacement surgery, along with in-home rehabilitation


Access to a dedicated Nursing hotline for on-demand support and advice when you need it following your return home after surgery


Post-surgery visits in hospital by your treating Specialist




Initial consultation with your Surgeon


Discharge prescriptions or medications (except for ophthalmology which is included)


Any accommodation expenses to access East Sydney Private Hospital, i.e., airfares, hotel accommodation and travel expenses


Any diagnostics such as pathology and radiology imaging for diagnosis or completed in an out-patient setting


Hardware and disposable surgical equipment used during surgery deemed clinically necessary and not included in your initial informed financial consent

Our Rapid Path to Treatment program is founded on transparency; the single price for your proposed surgical procedure is paid as ONE BILL to the hospital.


Our hospital accepts Cash, VISA, Mastercard, or Bank cheque. We do not accept personal cheques or AMEX.


For some procedures, you may be able to access your superannuation which can be discussed with your treating surgeon.


Financing options are available via ZIP Money. To find out if you are eligible, click here.


For more information on paying for your treatment, please call our team on 1800 167 846.

Yes, you can choose your Surgeon. Our team will provide you with information on the specialists participating in the program, and you can undertake your research as to who you wish to proceed to have a consultation with. Otherwise, based upon the information you provide our team, such as your condition, residential location and the urgency to see a specialist, we can provide an appropriate specialist with the first available appointment.  

Whichever Surgeon you are referred to will be your treating specialist for the entire episode of your treatment, from initial consultation to hospital admission and aftercare.

All of our specialists are highly experienced and qualified surgeons who are accredited at the hospital and governed by the surgical standards set out by the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. 

Our qualified team of specialists participating in this program will thoroughly assess each patient at their initial consultation. If your Specialist believes you are not clinically suitable for this treatment, they will provide you with alternative treatment options, either conservative or surgical. However, it is essential to note that these may not be part of this Rapid Path to Treatment program.

Our Rapid Path to Treatment programs is built on providing patients with quick and streamlined access to the care they need.

We pride ourselves on short waiting times; our patient program coordinator will facilitate your appointment to be seen within one week of your enquiry. This will be with your chosen Specialist or a specialist that has the closest available appointment.

Your Specialist will liaise closely with our patient program coordinator and East Sydney Private Hospital to ensure that your treatment can be undertaken within a short timeframe.

You will pay for your treatment on the day of admission upon check-in to the hospital; this will be one single fixed bill. You will be provided with a receipt by our hospital team. This bill includes the hospital's costs for the surgery, the surgeon fee, anaesthetist fee, assistant fee (if appropriate), pathology, in-patient medications, radiology and allied health services (appropriate for your treatment). For more information, see what is included and what isn't in the section above - What does the price on the website include.

Please note that your discharge medications and your initial consultation fee with your Specialist are not included in the package.

If you hold an eligible medicare card, you may receive a small refund back from Medicare for the Specialist's services; however, this refund is dependent on the procedure you will be having. Your Specialist will discuss what Medicare rebate you may be entitled to at your initial consultation.

Our team will provide you with an itemised receipt following payment for your surgery on your hospital admission. This receipt can be used to make a claim through Medicare based upon the item numbers included. 

Following your hospital discharge, if you have any concerns or problems, you can contact our hospital nursing team on (02) 9001 2065 or contact your Specialist's clinic directly.

Within a couple of days of discharge from the hospital, you will receive a follow-up call from one of our team members to capture feedback on your experience at East Sydney Private Hospital. You will also have a follow-up consultation with your Specialist. If you have had orthopaedic surgery, your follow-up appointment will be with a physiotherapist first.

Should you have any clinical concerns where you have symptoms or are in pain, you should immediately contact your Specialist's clinic or visit your closest public hospital emergency department for medical assistance. 

All medical procedures carry a risk of complication, during your initial consultation with your treating surgeon these should be discussed.